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Quotes Matt and I got our first husky Jade from the OSPCA four years ago now....wow time flies! We bought our first home and decided Jade needed a friend and it was time to do the puppy thing. We also hope to get into dog sledding now that we have the new addition. We couldn't have asked for a better more perfect puppy than Zeus from Lori and her pack! Lori tolerated my obsessive e-mail and answered all the quesitons I had about the pups. Lori is full of so much love and passion for these creatures we knew we had to have one of her pups. I never thought raising a puppy would be so easy but it has been largley due to Lori special care and attention she gives these guys right from the start. Zeus came to us almost house trained and on a great scheduale. THANK YOU LORI!! We recieve compliments on our well behaved dogs all the time and are always told how they have never seen nicer looking dogs. When they ask where we got him from we go on and on about Lori and he beautiful Sibs! Brittany + Matt Quotes
Thrilled Owners of Zeus (Lacy+Max)

Quotes You will not find a more dedicated or knowledgable breeder than Lori. I could tell by the questions she asked that she was sincere in finding dedicated owners for her pups. All of her pups are socialized indoors and therefore are not fazed by people coming and going, nor by cats. We picked up our beautiful pup Mikayla (from Lacy & Max) in October of 2011. Lori has contacts on Siberian Huskies from virtually around the world, and if she cannot answer your question immediately, believe me when we say that she can find an answer for you. Of special note is the way in which she maintains contact with all of her "babies" (and owners of course), thus letting us keep track of Mikayla's litter mates. Thanks again Lori -- you are truly a special breeder for this special breed. Quotes
Proud owners of Mikayla (b. Sept 3, 2011)

Quotes I am the proud owner of two beautiful Sieberian girls, Sierra and her new baby sister Willow. In my last testimonial, I stated "if I were to ever get another husky, I wouldn't consider anyone other than Lori as my breeder". I stayed true to my word. After agreeing that Sierra would enjoy a companion, I kept in touch with Lori and her upcoming litters. She is by far the best breeder anyone could hope for. Lori is 100% devoted to her adult huskies and their puppies. Both of my dogs are the most loveable, content and well adjusted huskies ever. It is not a coincidence. I know first hand how much time and effort Lori puts into these animals. If you are ever interested in having a husky for a pet, look no further than to Lori as your breeder. You can feel confident that each and everyone of her puppies is loved and well cared for from day one. We feel blessed to have met Lori and our lives have been enriched with our two beautiful huskies. Michelle and Eric Quotes
Twice as nice....

Quotes We picked up Tia on Firday night, after what seemed like forever! We were so anxious to get our new addition. She is a ball of sunshine....and fur! Lori was more than we could have aksed for. We truly consider her to be an amazing breeder! Any questions we had were always answered, and the wealth of information we received is going to be a great assest in raising our little girl. From the time we choose the puppy to the time we brought her home and even after, Lori was keeping us updated on the adventures of Tia. Thru videos, photos, emails, and phone calls we were kept up to date on the status of our pup. Lori's door was always open for us to visit, which I took full advantage of. I wasn't sure what to expect from a breeder, as this is our first puppy, but I can honestly say that Lori was everything and more you can want in a breeder. Everyone who has met our Tia says how healthy and happy she is and that has everything to do with Lori. So from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You Quotes

Quotes Thanks Lori! Introducing us to Clover and giving us the complete puppy experience was the best thing that could happen to us as a family. Clover's energy has brought a whole new vibrance to our house. Our family has not stopped talking about how cool it is to meet Max, Lacy, Puppet, Abby, Aneko, and Ex. Getting to know and hang out with the parents/grandparents of the dog we get to raise and the family environment it comes with. We can't wait to keep updated with Clover's progress and look forward to spending more time with our new "Husky family" Thanks again! Clover & The Brian family Quotes
Proud family of Clover (Abby+Excalibur)

Quotes As a new Husky family to Lori Lee, all I can say is amazing. The care that this woman has put in her puppies, oh hell her animals shows enormously in the character of Zeus. Puppy number 7, LOL, from her beautiful Abby. I have had many years experiences with many different types of animals from, raccoons, dogs, cat, horses, rabbit, duck and yes even squirrels, (my mother is an animal lover, and it rubbed off),but in all my years have I ever seen at such a young age how well Zeus is behavior is so advanced. He listens so well, but he still a pup, but he knows. Amazed, that is all I have to say about Lori Lee. Very great personality and extremely talented breeder. Lori Lee, you are the only one that I would recommend to anyone, and I sure hope that we can come to you again soon. LOL Number one, Lori Lee!!!!!!! Quotes
Isabelle Weiberg
Extremely Happy new Family

Quotes Lori has been unbelievable throughout the entire process. You won't find a more committed, knowledgeable breeder that loves Huskies more then Lori. She had answers to every question and great advice to help me with anything Jax related. If you are serious about getting a Husky Lori is definitely the person to talk to. Jax is strikingly beautiful, like all of Lori's Huskies and their pups, and has the best temperament you could ask for... he just wants to be friends with everyone. He practically came house broken, potty trained and listens very well. I've already talked myself into going back for a second. Thanks again for Jax, he instantly became part of the family before I even brought him home. Quotes
Proud Owner of Jackson Carson( Max and Puppet pup)

Quotes Thanks Lori for our wonderful social girl! Almost 5 months old and doing so well. She listens well and is performing many tricks! She loves the dog park and also walking along the path and meeting new people! We couldn't have dreamed of a better addition to our family! Thanks!! Quotes
Our friendly girl...

Quotes Lori has been unbelivable during this adoption of Meekah & Dakota. We lost our beloved Alaskan on May 7th. Our other dog, Cali was lost with her buddy gone. We were looking for a Siberian and was put onto Lori's website. From the first phone call, my wife and I were very pleased with the way Lori handled everything.She had to keep Meekah and Dakota for two extra weeks because they could not fly under eight weeks (Lori arranged all of this on her side, flight, kennel, treats toys) and then Lori held them another day because the temp. in Toronto was to high, all the while keeping in touch with us by phone, e-mail on thier trip to Newfoundland. We are trying to keep this short, but there is so much to say, anyway, we have two of the most beautiful Siberian sisters anyone could ask for and thier other sister, Cali has welcomed them with open paws. There was about two days and a bond was formed, now when we go to the vet she misses them. Lori, thank-you. Barry & Pam Quotes
Very Pleased with Meekah & Dakota

Quotes Ok so we brought my grand pup home today and I have to say he is PERFECT !!!!!! He gets along marvellously with all our other animals and he is even going to the bathroom outside -yes AMAZING !!!!!! When we picked him up today he was washed and ready to travel and NO surprise Lori had food, toys, and pictures to take with him. This experience has been unbelievable - From start to finish Lori has answered all our questions, extremely knowledgable, patient and is so dedicated to raising the healthiest happiest puppies .....If anyone is looking for a husky breeder you cannot go wrong because Loki is PERFECT and our experience has been nothing short of amazing ....... we have now made life long friends in Harrow and who knows what the fall might bring LOL LOVE you Lori and ABBY :) THANK YOU !!!!!! Quotes
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