DriftDancer Siberian Huskies

Husky Puppies


Max - Oct 15, 2007 - Male  CKC Registered

Blue Eyes, 62 lbs , 23 inches at shoulder

Max is a a big teddy bear type, he has a glorious full fur coat, and a kind and gentle heart loves cuddles- still very much a puppy !

Loved by everyone who meets him. Max runs Wheel Position on our team 

 has his CERF eye exam/clearances


Lacy -Mar 24, 2005 - Female

Beautiful Brown Eyes, 50 lbs, 21 inches at shoulder

Lacy is very mild mannered and peaceful, loves her comfort and belly rubs. Lacy loves nature walks although she is a bit of a hunter.   

Lacy runs point or wheel position on our team 

has her CERF eye exam/clearances 


Puppet - Sept 27, 2009 - Female

Beautiful Brown Eyes, 46 lbs, 20 inches at shoulder

Nicknamed "Crazy Leggs" Puppet loves to run

and entice the rest  to play with her. Puppet

sings and gives many,  many kisses!    

Puppet runs Lead or point position on our team 



Abby - Born July 10, 2010 - Female

Knew from the start this one was a keeper, she is daughter to Max and Lacy.

Abby is all heart and very clever. She runs lead position  in harness with our team. And she is a wonderful and loving girl all around.

Abby has her CERF eye exam/clearances


Milestones Aneko

Aneko - Born July 14,  2010- Female 42 pounds

Registered with the Canadian and American Kennel Club 

She has a very strong racing pedigree behind her. 
She is an excellent command leader and trained for mid distance racing. 

Aneko has sweet , warm and gentle disposition  and is a welcome addition to our family and team  

Aneko has her CERF eye /exam clearances  


Kelims' Excalibur

Ex - Sept 8, 2011-Male

54 pounds,  23 inches at shoulder with gorgeous dark soulful eyes. 

Registered with the Canadian and American Kennel Club 

Ex comes from a mid distance racing kennel in NH with very strong racing lines in his pedigree. We are very excited to have him join our team and family. He is a shy guy with a personality that never fails to make me laugh with his games

He has his CERF eye exam / clearance.   


Driftdancer's Avalanche 

Born May 28 2016 

42 pounds and 21.5 inches at shoulder the top of her standard  She has gorgeous expressive brown eyes.  

Ave is registered with the CKC 

Ava  has not disappointed me yet  she is everything I had hoped for . She is full of energy and a tad of mischief that keeps me on her tows, She is smart and intuitive and quickly earned her spot in lead on my team beside he mother . She has an effortless ground covering stride and prefers to lope in harness.  I continue to watch with interest as this girl matures.  


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